Ideas To Spruce Up Your Living Room Walls

Home is where the heart is, isn’t it? The living room is the first thing that a person sees when he enters the house. As such, it becomes important for the house owner to make sure that the living room is exemplar of your style. Some decorations can provide a great focal point for any design element or décor for your living room walls. If you have drab plain living room walls, then here are some ideas to spruce up your living room walls.

Stunning Living Room Wall Decor

Firstly, turn up the visual volume on one or two walls by giving them a treatment of stripes or chevrons. Keep the project walls the same base color as the other walls, or opt for another base shade that pairs well with them. When the base color is dry, apply strips of painter’s tape to plot out the pattern for vertical stripes, diagonal stripes, chevrons or even geometric shapes.

Lotus Wall Decal Wall Sticker on living room

Paint on the new design color, and then peel away the tape before the paint dries completely. Or you can do this, create silhouettes of tree branches, birch tree trunks or or a city skyline by sketching the basic idea in chalk directly on the wall, tracing the outline in the desired paint color, then filling in the design entirely with paint. White or warm gray silhouettes, rather than black or dark colors, add ambient warmth to the living room, enhancing the overall decor. Another idea, display a grouping of items such as art or photos in different picture frames on one wall for an eclectic enhancement to the living room.

interior yellow color wall living room

Paint all the frames the same color before hanging them, or half of them one shade, half another. Arrange the grouping on the floor first to make sure you’re happy with the look before attaching them to the wall. Other items such as lightweight wooden crates and vintage wood cheese containers may be used as both decor and makeshift shelving. Use wall anchors when repurposing items as shelves to help them handle the weight of books or other decor pieces. Maybe you can create your own triptych-style wall art by painting a large image, such as a city skyline, over three separate canvas panels, and hang them to create a focal wall. Enlarge photocopied images of a favorite vacation destination and give them the same triptych treatment, using art canvas or panels of insulating foam as the backing material, gluing the images to the backing material. If you use foam, cover the sides with decorative paper or fabric. Panels covered entirely in decorative fabric can also add a patterned look to a solid-colored wall space.

These were some ideas for you to spruce up your living room walls. Implementing these ideas to your living room will add a sense of style and purpo